Power of the Love Stones

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Usher in More Compassion and Self-Love in 2018
In honor of Valentine's Day we created a very special collection of new and classic designs featuring lush semi-precious stones that are connected to the heart chakra - They are a reminder for all of us to live from the heart and be willing to love courageously.

If it was easy to do we wouldn't need reminding - But the natural world gives us gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) nudges to slow down and take care of ourselves and interact with others with an open heart and mind.

Many of our Love Stones are crystals in blushing pinks, purple and red. They include Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Cherry Quartz, Pink Aventurine, Garnet, and more.

The entire Love Stones collection is 20% off through Feb. 18. Plus get 10% all other items, too!

Warm and nourish your or someone special's heart with a Love Stone.

Shop the new Love Stones collection here

Renaissance Cuff with Rose Quartz
Flower Bud Bracelet
Cross Stone Garnet Ring
Wild Flower Earrings with Amethyst
Garden Flower Bracelet

The Powerful Healer: Rose Quartz
The soft pink gemstone Rose Quartz is the quintessential healing stone that is known throughout the ages to evoke forgiveness, self-love, compassion and for tending a broken heart.

It was originally the Native American tribes who carved amulets out of Rose Quartz, which they referred to as the “love stone” and wore them around the neck for good luck.

Rose quartz in any of its forms - polished, raw, small or large - can be used while you meditate, pray, do yoga, take a relaxing bath or any activity where you taking out time for yourself. Simply close your eyes and "attune" yourself to the pink vibrations of the stone and take long slow breaths, visualizing the pink rays entering your chest and heart. It won't be long until you feel the warming, consoling sensations of love. The most important thing is to play and be inspired and know each time will be a bit different.

Uplift and balance your emotions with one of our Rose Quartz rings or bracelets!

20% Off on Love Stones
10% Off all other Items
Online Only and Valid Thru Feb. 18
Coupon Code: LOVESTONE

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