Tribal Fest & Sale

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Tribal Fest is Back!
We are excited to announce that our 2nd Annual Tribal Fest will be on Saturday, June 16 at 2 PM.

Join us as we kick off the Summer with Movement, Culture & Fashion and a BIG 20% SALE on our entire Pacifica studio. There will be so much to choose from - Tribal-inspired jewelry, statement jewelry in vivid colors, crystals, gemstones and authentic African sculpture and eclectic antique pieces from Jan's own personal collection.

Get Ready to Dance!

We'll have dance and drumming performances from the sensational Congolese choreographer, instructor and dancer LOUBAYI and his troupe. Plus get your hips fired up for a special FREE Congolese dance class at 3 PM. To join the class, Sign up on Facebook.

We'll also have a Nigerian feast from Guest Chef Cecilia who will be making dishes like Jollof Rice, a Nigerian staple with tomato and onion and scotch bonnet peppers and Moin Moin, a spiced side dish with ground beans steamed in banana leaves. Nigerian food will be a first for us, and many of you as well, so that will be a special treat.

Tribal inspiration
All tribal-inspired garb is most definitely encouraged, and the more creative and vibrant, you'll have a chance to win a $100 gift certificate plus second-place prizes

For more details on Tribal Fest and sign up, go to our event page on Facebook:
Tribal Fest Event Page


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