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Artisan Septarian Geode Cuff
Price: $150.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-BR3146SG -

An impressive 3-inch Madagascan septarian geode stone is framed by hammered brass in this adjustable statement cuff. Formed 70 millions years ago septarian geode's mud-colored patterns are the result of yellow calcite, brown aragonite and grey limestone. Each stone is unique and the patterns and color will vary.

Stone: Septarian Geode
Style: Adjustable
Stone Size: 3.06" L X 2.31" W X 0.88" H
Band Width: 2"

Handcrafted Domed Wrap Bracelet
Price: $66.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-BR4445FC -

Adjustable bracelet with a softly textured domed fossilized coral that has been hand-wrapped with smooth brass ribbons. Can wear one or more for a stacked glamorous look. Available in multiple stones.

Stone: Fossilized Coral
: .5" L X .5" W X .5" H
Band Width: .25"

Black and White Agate Ring Artisan Black and White Agate Ring, Gemstone Black and White Agate Ring, Jan Michaels Black and White Agate Ring, Designer Black and White Agate Ring, Brass Black and White Agate Ring
Price: $60.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-RG2232 -

Let your hands do all the talking with this adjustable ring that features a prominent, oval black and white agate gemstone in a minimal brass setting. Agates are a type of quartz crystal known for its signature banding and often referred to as "earth's rainbow." Said to bring harmony to all aspects of our being - physical, spiritual and emotional - agates have an inimitable luster and are one of the world's oldest healing stones. Please note that each agate gem is unique and will vary in pattern, translucence and color.

Stone: Agate
Antique Brass
Head Size
: 2" L X 1" W X 0.25" H
Shank Type: Adjustable to fit most sizes

Brass Nautilus Cuff
Price: $126.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-BR7309 -

A stunning ammonite is prong set atop a 1.5-inch wide adjustable brass band. Ammonites are prehistoric, the fossilized shells of a type of marine mollusk that became extinct with the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Impressive yet lightweight, the Nautilus cuff is a easy to wear and a sure collector's piece. Note that each ammonite fossil is unique and will vary by size, shape and color.

Style: Adjustable
Stone Size: 1.69" L X 2" W X 0.69" H
Band Width:1.5"

Handmade Madagascar Pin
Price: $96.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-PN6379 -

Fossilized shell and shark's tooth conjoined with fine brass wire and Roman-styled detailing combine to create an exquisite pin with soft peach and beige hues that will accent both crisp summer whites and daring snakeskin motifs.

Stone: Operculum, Fossilized Shark Tooth
: Antique Brass
: 2.5" L X 1.5" W X 0.5" H

Bohemian Rock Climber Earrings with Pyrite
Price: $84.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-EP7814 -

Earthy and exquisite, the Rock Climber Earrings are 4-inch dangles with raw pyrite chunks, honey-colored amber beads and rutilated quartz, which contain golden needle-like crystals. Sensuous brass tassels shimmy down from brass bead caps. Available with surgical steel posts.

Stone: Pyrite & Rutilated Quartz
Antique Brass
: 4" L X .5" W X .5"
Closure: Surgical Steel Posts

Tectonic Force Necklace Bohemian Tectonic Force Necklace, Artisan Tectonic Force Necklace, Fashion Tectonic Force Necklace, Wholesale Tectonic Force Necklace, Handmade Tectonic Force Necklace, Handcrafted Tectonic Force Necklace, Designer Tectonic Force Necklace, Gemstone Tectonic Force Jewelry, Jan Michaels Tectonic Force Necklace, Pyrite Tectonic Force Jewellery, Pyrite Gemstone Jewelry, Crystal Tectonic Force Necklace
Price: $225.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-NK7812 -

Raw pyrite nuggets, gold-flecked rutilated quartz, amber beads and brass chain tassels weave together to create a tour de force of a necklace. The single pyrite slice dangles slightly off center and brings all of these telluric elements into a finer balance. Add to the ensemble any of our organic Flat Wrap Bracelets.

Stone: Pyrite & Rutilated Quartz
Metal: Antique Brass
Length: 16" - 17"

Handcrafted Flat Wrap Bracelet
Price: $72.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-BR4446RUT -

Our Flat Wrap bracelet is an adjustable bangle with a rutilated quartz that is hand-wrapped in smooth ribbons of brass. Rutilated quartz features unique gold needle-sized inclusions inside each stone. Stack two or more bracelets for an added blast of earthy golden bliss. Also available in multiple stones.

: Rutilated Quartz
Antique brass
: 1" L X 5" W X .25" H
Band Width: .25"

Serpentine Monk Earrings
Price: $96.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-EC/EP3807 -

These 3.6 inch dangle earrings feature natural stones, including almond-shaped green aventurine set in a ornate rectangular brass setting with dusty serpentine monk bead with brass tassel.

Stone: Serpentine & Green Aventurine
Metal: Antique brass
Closure: Surgical steel posts or clips
Size: 3.6" L X 0.88" W X 0.5" H

Bohemian Kyanite Point Earrings
Price: $54.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-EP3247PH -

Stone: Kyanite
Closure: 24k gold-plated Eurowire
Size: 2" L X 0.44" W X 0.75" H

Designer Operculum Pin
Price: $42.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-PN6380OP -

Stone: Operculum
Size: 1" L X 1" W X 0.4" H

Bohemian Quill Necklace
Price: $90.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-NK1043 -

The dangling charms on this necklace feature an embossed brass bird feather, a branch, and a shimmering nugget of lemon quartz. Also known as 'oro verde quartz,' lemon quartz is produced from heating amethyst, yellow quartz and iron at very high temperatures, producing a gemstone with a brilliant yellow hue.

An homage to Native American tribes, a bird's feather was seen as a gift from above, a powerful symbol of trust, honor and freedom. The combination of lemon quartz, natural elements and fine 26-inch serpentine brass chain gives the Quill Necklace an organic and sensuous feel. Pair with the matching Quill Earrings.

Lemon Quartz
Metal: Antique Brass
Style: Adjustable
26" - 29"