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Handmade Inlaid Wood Bone Rope
Price: $165.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-NK6839 -

Get a full dose of earthy glam with this necklace that has bi-cone shaped wood-and-bone beads that alternate with hammered brass. Pair with the matching Inlaid Wood Bone Earrings.

Stone: Wood and Bone
: 23" - 31"

Handcrafted Square Abalone Bracelet
Price: $45.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-BR5988AB -

Flush with vibrant oceanic colors this bracelet features square tiles of Iridescent abalone shell interspersed with small textured brass beads. This lush summer bracelet has a durable stretch center so that it can conform to most wrist sizes.

Style: Elastic center
Length: 7"
Width: 0.5"
Height: 0.1"

Bohemaina Buddha Ring
Price: $84.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-RG3816TE -

A noble and beautifully textured Buddha head carved from silky, lustrous Tiger Eye is set in brass prongs. Tiger Eye is a type of quartz with a remarkable chatoyancy and rich layers of gold and brown color that shimmer in the light. A gemstone that represents courage, clarity and focus, tiger eye was widely used as a good luck and protection talisman in the ancient world, and is a perfect complement to Buddha, the symbol of the knower. The ring also features our signature slatted brass band and is easily adjustable.

: Tiger Eye
: Antique Brass
Head Size
: 1.25" L X 0.88" W X 0.81" H
Shank Type
: Adjustable for most sizes

Handcrafted Channeled Wrap Ring
Price: $54.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-RG4448 -

A radiant adjustable ring featuring gold-flecked rutilated quartz that we hand wrap in smooth brass ribbons. Rutilated quartz has glittering golden needle-like inclusions suspended inside the stone. Each gemstone is unique, so the number and pattern of inclusions will vary. Pair with our bestselling rutilated quartz Flat Wrap Bracelet.

Stone: Rutilated Quartz
Antique Brass
Head Size
: 1" L X 1.25" W X .75 H
Shank Type: Adjustable to fit most sizes

Beaded African Queen Necklace
Price: $132.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-NK6852 -

This earthy, bohemian beauty is so fun to flaunt for work or for play. It features ocher-dyed bone, cream-colored glass beads, flat and horn-shaped African Baule brass beads and a hint of goldstone. And its crowning glory is the 4" mahogany antique feather. Pair with our matching African Queen Bracelet.

Stone: Bone, Antique Feather, Goldstone & Glass Beads
Length: 17" - 18"

Unique Septairan Ring
Price: $54.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-RG3070 -

Also known as "dragon stone," this septarian geode from Madagascar has the beautiful black and brown giraffe skin patterns of black calcite and white barite. Septarian comes from the Latin word 'septem' or seven, and refers to the ocean mud ball that it originally formed from 70 million years ago splitting into seven points and radiating in every direction.

Our handcrafted ring features a matte septarian geode slice that sits on an antique brass plate with radiating lines and set with six brass prongs. Since each septarian geode slice is truly unique, each ring will vary in color, pattern and shape.

Stone: Septarian Geode
Head Size: 1.63" L X 1.25" W X 0.63" H
Shank Type: Adjustable for most sizes

Vintage Mixed Metal Necklace
Price: $120.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-NK7345 -

A signature Jan Michaels mixed metal necklace with twisting strands of thick popcorn snake chains. Wear the necklace alone or with our Ammonite Tassel Enhancer, which features the ribbed spiral shell of a fossilized ammonite and brass fringe. The enhancer simply hooks onto the chain, adding a sumptuois layer of texture and dimension.

Style: Mixed Metal Necklace
Metal: Antique Brass
Length: 16.5" - 22.25"
Optional: Ammonite Tassel Enhancer

Vintage Cushion Ring
Price: $66.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-RG1961TE -

This vintage-inspired statement ring features a prominent, rounded tiger eye stone embedded in a decorative brass "cushion" atop a simple adjustable band. There is no mistaking the distinctive, lustrous brown and yellow stripes of tiger eye, which was used as a talisman since the times of the ancient Egyptians who used the stone for the eyes of their deity statues. A dynamic complement to Fall fashion, the Cushion Ring is also available in pyrite.

Stone: Tiger Eye
Antique Brass
Head Size
: 1.25" L X 1" W X 0.56" H
Shank Type
: Adjustable to fit most sizes

Vintage Dynasty Cuff
Price: $108.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-BR4212IV-C -

Stone: Ivory Cinnabar
Style: Adjustable
Stone Size: 2" L X 2" W X 0.81" H
Band Width: 1.5"

Handcrafted Flat Wrap Bracelet
Price: $72.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-BR4446TQ -

Adjustable bracelet with sensual turquoise hand-wrapped in smooth ribbons of brass. Stack two or more bracelets for added glamour and texture or mix and match with contrasting colors like agate and rutilated quartz. Available in multiple stones.

: Turquoise
: 1" L X .75" W X .25" H
Band Width: .25"

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Price: $42.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-RG6999/TE -

An Art Deco inspired oval ring that features a gorgeous bezel set Tiger Eye gemstone in a frame of brass geometric cut outs. Complimented by a minimal brass setting with our signature adjustable brass banding. Available in multiple natural gemstones though note the images are not shown below.

Stone: Tiger Eye
Metal: Antique Brass
Head Size:
1.5" L X 0.5" W X 0.125" H
Shank Type
: Adjustable to fit most sizes

Handcrafted Mystic Bracelet
Price: $75.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-BR5999 -

This dangle bead bracelet has the soft blue hues of ocean tides. It features these natural stones: Green agate, fluorite, African turquoise, and flat and round brass beads. Like most of our bracelets, you can wear one or stack two or more for a layered look. This vibrant, yet soothing bracelet complements our abalone jewelry. We provide additional brass links so that it can be adjusted to various wrist sizes.

Stone: Green Agate, Fluorite, and African Turquoise Beads
Antique Brass
: 7" - 9"
Width: .5"