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Diamond Carving RIng (R-RG2849)

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The Diamond Carving Ring is both sumptuous and organic, featuring a honey-colored carved serpentine gemstone in a geometric motif reminiscent of the auspicious Tibetan eternal knot that has many spiritual meanings, not the least a symbolic representation of the intertwining of wisdom and compassion. Serpentine is known for its grounding properties and is said to assist with clearing the chakras.

Complimented by a minimal brass setting, this delicate ring has a translucent quality that balances brights and accentuates neutral attire, making it ideal for everyday wear and a lush combo with our Buddha Ring and Serpent Ring.

Stone: Serpentine
Antique Brass
Head Size
: 0.75" L X 0.75" W X 0.25" H
Shank Type: Adjustable to fit most sizes

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Reviews 1-0 of 0