Artisan Intertwined Ring

Intertwined Ring (R-RG7322/GA)

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The 1.5-inch Intertwined Ring spotlights two brass serpents coiled to meet a centrally placed, diamond shaped green aventurine gem. Heads of the serpents lift to revere another green aventurine, this one almond shaped. The supple apple-green gemstone is a type of quartz that is found mostly in India and gets its color from the inclusion of fuchsite, a type of Mica.

The radiating rays and textured snake scales give this statement ring a layered quality, echoing the meticulously crafted styles from ancient Egypt. Snake images abound in Egyptian myths and were regarded as both destroyer and protector. The ring's band is adjustable with an antique brass finish and is also available in antique silver.

Stone: Green Aventurine
Antique Brass
Head Size: 1.5" L X 1" W X 0.125" H
Shank Type: Adjustable to fit most sizes

Reviews 1-0 of 0
Reviews 1-0 of 0