Antique silver Antique brass

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Necklace Length
16" - 19"

Ammonite Enhancer
Length: 2"
Width: 1.44"
Height: 0.56"

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Antique Brass
Our jewelry is primarily made of brass that has been antiqued using an environmentally-friendly metal finishing process.

Over time, however brass will tarnish due to perspiration, pollution, weather and cosmetics. To brighten your jewelry use a fine steel wool or kitchen scouring pad and gently rub in a circular motion to lift any tarnish. Make sure to dry the brass thoroughly. We don't recommend liquid brass cleaners since a build-up develops on the metal. You can also store your jewelry in an airtight plastic bag to prevent tarnish.

Our designs employ an array of natural semi-precious stones that Jan hand selects from around the world. Because each piece is unique, please note that each gemstone will have slight variances in shape, color, pattern and texture.

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I got this necklace on TVSN Australia so many years ago and it still looks amazing. Its flexibility makes it so comfortable to wear, Jan Michaels please come back to TVSN we miss you.