Our handcrafted and artisan Brights feature the most vibrant and dazzling of natural gemstones. And, for the time ever, Jan has designed pieces with the mystical Labradorite that shimmer with flashes of peacock blue, slate gray and waterfall green.

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Handmade Quartz Tear Drop Earrings
Price: $63.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-EP2840CH -

Stone: Cherry Quartz
Closure: 24k gold plated Eurowire
Size: 2.25" L X 0.44" W X 0.38" H

Handmade Craftsman Cuff
Price: $90.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-BR6675OL -

Stone: Olive Jade
Style: Adjustable
Stone Size: 1.75" L X 1.75" W X 0.5" H
Band Width: 1.5"

Vintage Loopsy Daisy Pin
Price: $54.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-PN6756GA -

Stone: Green Aventurine
Size: 2.5" L X 2.5" W X 0.25" H

Artisan Asteroid Cuff
Price: $105.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-BR5023GREEN -

A glittering green druzy is prong set atop our signature antique brass band that an be easily adjusted to fit most wrist sizes. Druzies are natural gemstones and have a multitude of tiny quartz crystals and a reflective surface reminiscent of sugar. Beautiful to behold and to wear, our Asteroid Cuff lends shimmer and sparkle to winter fuzzy sweaters or sleek evening gowns.

Stone: Green Druzy
Style: Adjustable
Stone Size: 1" L X 1.5" W X 0.5" H
Band Width: 1"

Art Deco Celestial Cuff
Price: $102.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-BR2299ML -

This unique Art-Deco inspired cuff with lush multi-colored agates that form a circle around petal-like antique brass spokes. A lively round olive jade gemstone sits at the center. The comfortable 1-inch brass band is adjustable to fit most wrist sizes. A bold and geometric cuff with a sunny disposition that will certainly lift your spirits! Also available with black onyx.

Stone: Agate & Olive Jade
Style: Adjustable
Size: 2" L X 2" W X .5" H
Band Width: 1"

Bohemian Melon Colored Agate Necklace
Price: $159.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-NK7806 -

This plush necklace with blocks of melon colored agate is a must-have accessory for any season - It lends a splash of color to any outfit from tropical beach bikinis to fall honey browns and plums.

This 18-inch adjustable necklace is also designed as the base necklace for our two luscious orange agate enhancers that you simply clip on.

Each agate enhancer is unique so will vary in texture, color and shape. Agate enhancers are sold separately. Another option for a base necklace is our red aventurine Beaded Rope, which is also sold separately.

Stone: Melon Colored Agate
Metal: Antique Brass
: Adjustable
Length: 18" - 22"
Optional: Clip-on Agate Enhancers, Beaded Rope

Artisan Dharamshala Necklace
Price: $186.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-NK3874 -

Named for the Indian city surrounded by cedar forests at the edge of the Himalayas where the Dalai Lama now resides, the Dharamshala Necklace is Jan's ode to the intricate and vibrant Tibetan jewelry that often included semi-precious stones like Turquoise, Lapis and Coral. Lapis lazuli, especially was prized for its intense blue color and symbolizes the sea and the limitless sky. In Tibetan Buddhism, Lapis is also associated with the Medicine Buddha, a powerful healing meditation practice that is depicted with an all-blue seated Buddha.

The handcrafted Dharamshala Necklace includes genuine Tibetan mala beads and the centerpiece is a single tear drop-shaped lapis stone suspended from an antique brass scroll motif. The scored brass cable chain is adjustable from 17 to 23.5 inches. Pair with our all-brass Dharamshala Earrings.

Lapis, Turquoise, Coral Resin and Tibetan Prayer Bead
Metal: Antique Brass
Style: Adjustable
Length: 17" - 23.5"

Handmade Flat Wrap Bracelet
Price: $72.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-BR4446YJ -

Adjustable bracelet with sumptuous square nugget of yellow jade hand-wrapped in silky ribbons of brass. Easy to stack and layer with any of our flat or dome wrap bracelets. Available in multiple stones.

Stone: Yellow Jade
Antique Brass
: 1" L X 5" W X .25" H
Band Width: .25"

Unique Agate Pendulum Earrings
Price: $63.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-EP4554PK-AG -

Stone: Pink Agate
Closure: 24k gold plated Eurowire
Size: 2.5" L X 0.75" W X 0.75" W

Vintage Celestial Garden Necklace
Price: $405.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-NK2296ML -

This 13-inch sculptured floral pendant with a melange of vibrant stones, Art Deco elements and chunky brass chain creates a chorus of springtime sizzle. The gemstones include yellow agate, tiger eye, olive jade, turquoise, and Swarovski crystal. An eye-popping statement necklace, wear with bright summer tops or add a chic layer to a vintage or hippie dress. Be sure to complement with the matching Celestial Bracelet.

Stone: Agate, Olive Jade, Red Aventurine, Sodalite, Green Aventurine, Tiger Eye, Moss Agate, Rhodonite, Amazonite, Turquoise and Swarovski Crystal
13" - 17"

Imperial Cuff Vintage Imperial Cuff, Fashion Imperial Cuff, Costume Imperial Cuff, Fashion Vintage Imperial Cuff, Art Deco Imperial Cuff, Fashion Imperial Bracelets, Artisan Imperial Cuff, Designer Imperial Cuff, Unique Imperial Cuff
Price: $135.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-BR2273 -

Our Art Nouveau styled Imperial Cuff is a stunner - Its vivid green hues are naturalistic, yet chic. The centerpiece is a natural candy jade carved flower with an oval antique glass bead. The heart-shaped leaves are made of rich green enamel, all complemented by simple antique brass accents. Our signature smooth brass band can be easily adjusted to fit most wrists. Pair with the matching Imperial Leaves earrings

Candy Jade, Enamel & Antique Glass
Metal: Antique Brass
Style: Adjustable
Stone Size: 2.5" L X 1.75" W X 0.875" H
Band Width: 0.75"

Vintage Renaissance Cuff
Price: $126.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-BR2724RQ -

Vibrant rose quartz is the centerpiece of this 16th century inspired cuff that features a unique chain mail band. The stones are set in a brass crown bezel while the smaller stone is set in a crown bezel and layered with delicate brass filigree. The band also has antique finish and is adjustable to fit more wrists. Also available in multiple semi-precious stones (note that pictures are not shown).

Rose Quartz
Metal: Antique Brass
Style: Adjustable
Stone Size: 2.06" L X 2.06" W X 0.56" H
Band Width: 1"