Shop our line of classic fashion jewelry, handcrafted artisan jewelry and modern vintage jewelry. The Classic collection includes all-metal basics and statement pieces.

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Fashion Anemone Flower Necklace
Price: $162.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-NK2505CR/GOLD -

Stone: Natural Crystal
Style: Adjustable
Length: 15" - 20"

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Price: $120.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-EC/EP8593 -

These glossy all-metal wedge earrings resemble the lithesome fins of a stingray. Lightweight yet striking, wear with the matching Sting Ray Necklace. Also available in antique silver.

Metal: Antique Brass
Closure: Surgical steel posts or clips
: 2.5" L X 1" W X .25" H

Brass Angular Hoop Earrings
Price: $90.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-EC/EP7906 -

Style: All Metal
Closure: Surgical steel posts or clips
Size: 4" L X 2.5" W X 0.38" H

All-Brass Bubbling form the Sea Earrings
Price: $84.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-EC/EP8588 -

These unique dangle earrings have beaded pointy spokes that evoke the spirit of spiny sea urchins that reside at the bottom of the sea. Three brass beads and a double ball chain gently drape below each 1-inch disk. Sultry and plush, these all-brass pair will be sure to make your outfit pop. Be sure to complement with the matching Sea Urchin Ring.

Style: All Metal
Metal: Antique Brass
Closure: Surgical steel posts or clips
Size: 2.5" L X 1" W X .25" H

Handcrafted DNA Ribbon Necklace
Price: $72.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-NK4443 -

Our DNA has two strands that wind around each other like a twisted ladder. The DNA Ribbon Necklace, part of the new Minimalist group, is Jan's interpretation of the life molecule hand-coiled in brass with an antique stick chain. Weighty in meaning, but lightweight to wear, coordinate with the matching Ribbon of Life Earrings.

Length: 26.5" - 28.2"

Vintage Ornate Pocket Locket
Price: $120.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-NK4002YJ -

Vintage luxury is on the scene with our 25-inch long Ornate Pocket Locket with an embossed scroll design set with a succulent yellow jade gemstone center topped with a delicate yellow jade bead. Similar to the hunter-case pocket watches popular prior to the first World War, click the top button to open the locket, revealing a 1.45-wide chamber where you can place a memento like a love note, dried petals or photos. This necklace features a scored double brass link chain and can be worn around your neck or secured to chic waist coat, lapel or belt loop.

: Yellow Jade
Style: Locket
Length: 25"

Pearly Peace Bracelet Vintage Pearly Peace Bracelet, Hancrafted Pearly Peace Bracelet, Designer Pearly Peace Bracelet, Jan Michaels Pearly Peace Bracelet, Trendy Pearly Peace Bracelet
Price: $45.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-BR3946 -

A plush strand of freshwater pearls is accented with a handcrafted Chinese character for 'Peace' in silver with an antique finish.

Stone: Pearl
Metal: Antique Silver
Style: Adjustable
Size: 7.5" L X .04" W

Handcrafted Ribbon of Life Earrings
Price: $45.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-EP4442 -

Symbolic ribbons of life energy made with milled brass and 14k gold-filled fish hooks. Pair with the matching DNA Ribbon Necklace.

Style: All Metal
2.5" L X .81" W X .25" H

Gemstone Scroll Mandala Ring
Price: $36.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-RG1503HW -

Our 1.18-inch Scroll Mandala Ring features an intricate scroll and circular pattern that radiates outwards along fine brass spokes. At center is a round howlite gemstone. The mandala motif is universal and is known as sacred geometry, representing the interconnections of the cosmos and everything in it. Delicate, lightweight, and simply pretty, this adjustable ring is also available in an assortment of semi-precious stones.

Metal: Antique Brass
Head Size: 1.18" L X 1.18" W X 0.18" H
Shank Type: Adjustable for most size

Fashion Shimmer Choker
Price: $96.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-NK2980 -

Style: All Metal & Adjustable
Antique Brass
Length: 12" - 16"

Bohemian Winged Spirit Necklace
Price: $126.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-NK7665 -

The sensuous Winged Spirit Necklace features a beautiful textured brass wing and a unique glass locket box with two lithe Dryads - The winged tree nymphs from Ancient Greek mythology. The nymphs were said to offer protection to trees, groves, woodlands and mountain forests. The necklace has an adjustable brass chain link rope. You can also personalize your locket box with sand, petals, stones or a picture!

Metal: Antique Brass
Style: Glass Locket
Length: 28.5" - 33.75"

Fashion Cha Cha Rope
Price: $150.00
Availability: Available
Item #: R-NK8528 -

Metal: Antique Brass
: All Metal & Adjustable
Length: 42.5" - 49.75"