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Space Exploration


3D Mixed Media


June 2020


Discovery / Sanchez Art Center
Art Guild of Pacifica


18 x 23 x 1 3/8 inches

I've always had a roving curiosity about what’s out there in space? What’s on the Moon? Are there other beings besides us?

The excitement of our astronauts blasting off to the moon and walking around in a weightless state was so much fun to recreate and imagine in this diorama. I wanted to depict a scene with those first steps and the feeling of floating without gravity.

Even the frame with its crater like defects adds to the spaciness. The border of Labradorite gemstones and glowing light rays create an unearthly effect. I made the space helmet for Neil Armstrong and tried to imagine what it felt like to explore deep into space. Part of the moon’s terrain were sponges painted as rocks, photos from old life magazines, and wires that moor the weightless explorers, all under a plexiglass cover.

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