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Collage on birch panel


March 2022


64th Art Guild of Pacifica show in November 2022


Merit Award


2 square panels: 16 x 16 X 1 5/8 inches

The inspiration for this piece was the process; It was my first attempt to create something using this new art form - collage. The multi-step process includes prepping the panel by masking the edges and then adding a layer of paint, arranging and adhering strips of colored paper, and then resurfacing the design to create depth and texture. By using these various layers of paint and papers the Birchwood panel comes alive.

Sometimes there are effects that you could not have anticipated. These unexpected surprises emerge either in the form of new shapes or colors. This is for me where the technique challenged me to plow on, learn to relax in the discovery, and let go.

The Terrain brings the spirit of distant travel, like gazing down from an airplane on lush forested valleys, where woolly shapes emerge as barns, plants, a bird, a human face, and then higher up, being draped in grey-white misty clouds that cushion the Himalayas. There are also hints of regal Tibetan coral red and gold leaf, which are normally reserved for the Buddha.

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