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Dinosaur Trail Necklace


Fossil, semi-precious gemstones, 14 kt gold filled square wire


July 21 - Aug 20, 2023


Favorite Things / Art Guild of Pacifica


21 inches long

The Dinosaur Trail Necklace is a combination of wonderful treasured materials from my private collection, which create a highly unusual necklace.

I have been contemplating for some time what to create with the fossilized dinosaur bone. I've always loved the coral color that's embedded in it. As well I've wanted to work with the weathered fan-like wooden piece that is hanging from the fossil. The square wire was fun to wire wrap with - It's a 14 kt gold filled wire and is so easy to work with. The gold also lends so much drama when wrapped around the stones.

The necklace has quite a few of my favorite stones, including Green Opal Jasper and Smoky Quartz. I love the chunky quality of this piece. Lastly, I revere the tiny coral pieces and have owned them for close to 50 years!

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