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In Support of Black Lives Matter


Sculpture/ Assemblage


October 2020


The 62nd Art Guild of Pacifica Show


16 x 16 x 7 inches


Merit Award / Art Guild of Pacifica

Inspired by the horrible injustice to George Floyd in South Minneapolis in 2020. It was the catalyst for all races to come together and express how awful Black people are treated in the United States. A movement proclaiming “Black Lives Matter!”

This is a fictional street scene of a diverse group of people marching together to support Black lives. To support people who have been ruthlessly killed by police or by prejudiced people who only see the color of skin and not real human beings. This symbolic march invites all of us to lift the veil of injustice in support of the most vulnerable amongst us.

The materials used are toys, furnace vent cover, acrylic paint, card stock, ink, hand sewn doll clothes and wire.

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