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Caught in Time

Caught in Time


Mixed Media


March 2022


Little Things / Art Guild of Pacifica


17 x 18 x 7/8 inches

I love hourglasses: The concept of telling Time is magically recorded by the tiny grains of sand passing from one side to the other. Gravity pulls them through a narrow connection point and Time is marked by how long it takes to empty one chamber into the other.

We’re all caught in Time.

I was fascinated by the hourglass and jewelry components representing all of us being pulled through Time. I first painted my kitchen egg timer and, in lieu of sand, I foraged through my jewelry materials to find tiny, tiny parts.

The Victorian woman at center is literally trapped in Time and is the perfect shape for that narrow junction. The jewelry parts slowly align to pass through, placing the focus on our own connection to Time and its powerful pull.

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