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Prayer Boxes for Earth


Mixed Media - Brass, gemstones, paint


September 2021


Art Guild of Pacifica 50/50 Show


50 x 50 inches

Prayer Boxes for Earth was selected for the 50/50 Show where over 50 artists create 50 artworks in 50 days. All artists created an installment using 50 6-inch square panels. My 50/50 concept, Prayer Boxes for the Earth, was sparked by the Tibetan Gau, a portable shrine used as an amulet to protect against danger and evil. At a time when our collective consciousness has grown to understand human caused climate change, my hope is that my Prayer Boxes will draw attention to healing our damaged planet and help us to think deeper about how to counteract the problems happening to Mother Earth.

Each of my plaques is a mandala composed of brass motifs along with rich gemstones, uniquely arranged in symmetrical geometric patterns expressing qualities of harmony, renewal and compassion. At the center of each piece is a riveted embellished brass box, which contains a written meditation or poem! I hand painted each plaque giving it the final magic touch!

These prayer boxes are about hope and if we use the guiding principle of mandalas to focus our energy - A brighter future is possible. Let’s work together to restore balance back to Mother Earth.

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