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Wishbone Collection


Mixed Media


May 2022


Tell Me a Story / Art Guild of Pacifica


35 ½ x 10 x 1 ¾ inches

I’m not really a bone collector but I am fascinated by wishbones - They’re just different. Ever since I was little I loved the potential ‘magic’ associated with a wishbone -- You can make a wish! There were four of us kids and we would fight over wishbones at dinner. I always felt that my older brother "cheated" because he always won the wish, knowing that he should tug at the bigger side giving him more leverage.

I saved wishbones for may years in my toy cabinet at my workshop. But when I stopped eating chicken in the 80s, the collection became even more pronounced. I decided to make an art piece using the wishbones. When I laid them out in a row, they started to look less like a collection and more like a chorus line of dancers. Once I gave them a simple horizon line, they looked so euphoric as if they were dancing together.

The frame itself has a bit of a gris-gris with four-leaf clovers in the corners, adding to the elements of charm, magic and good fortune. The complete list of materials include actual wish bones, acrylic paint, brass stampings and plexiglass.

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