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Creative Musings From The Pacific Coast

Updated: Nov 10, 2022


Here on the Pacific Coast we're having glorious pockets of gorgeous weather, a delicious contrast to the usual whipping ocean winds and salty fog cover. I love October's summery heat and beautiful blue skies. The daylight has a soft glow, with wafts of air catching the fragrance of pine needles and dry leaves.

It’s hard to believe over a half year has passed since I closed the store and shut my wholesale business. So, what’s been happening since the end of March? I’m still tangling with business issues regularly, but those details are whittling down and commitments that took 40 years to build are steadily dissolving. Meanwhile, my garden has been receiving lots of love and returning that love in kind - In the images above you can see beautiful Rosa Mundis, fragrant Brandywine Roses, apples, potatoes and more...:)

I do miss dressing fashionably, getting to construct and embody a statement of art, while being an outlet for creative self-expression that I looked forward to everyday. Then I was focused on myinner fashionistaand showcasing my jewelry, and now my look is about comfy easy outfits that blend with my daily gardening lifestyle!

But my love of fashion and wearing fun clothes and, of course, jewelry still runs strong. For now, I'm getting so much satisfaction poring through jewelry books and reading the history and personal stories behind my many influencers like metal sculptor Alexander Calder, photographer Angela Fisher or enameler William Harper.

looking to the future

This September I celebrated another birthday, a time that always feels like the beginning of a new creative cycle. The difference was that on this birthday, the fires brought a surreal thickness of orange and dark to the sky, the air was toxic and unhealthy and everyone was heavy with the ominous feeling that the world is shifting dramatically, and not necessarily for the good.

As I write this, one of the most politically charged elections in history is playing out while the pandemic continues to rage on. I wonder how we can all stay open and positive about the future when the present can be so intrusive and difficult to understand?

new installation & exhibit

Speaking of the future, I have just completed a new Mixed Media piece called "In Support for Black Lives Matter" that will be showing alongside the work of 80 other artists at the AGP Show in Pacifica starting this Friday, Nov. 6.

The fact that Black and Brown people are targeted unfairly and subjected to undue violence is a reality that has finally sunk into the collective consciousness of our country. We, the people, of every color and creed are sounding the alarm on systemic racism.

The piece illustrates a street protest and a crowd that stands in solidarity to BLM and the many victims who were simply living out their lives like jogging on a tree lined street, walking to the local convenience store or lying in bed before their door gets smashed-in.

It is my hope that it will encourage people to talk honestly about racial inequality and join hearts and minds to find real solutions to end the incessant injustice. All details are below.

Art Guild of Pacifica Members Show &

61st of Annual Awards Artists Exhibition

Sign up for a date/time slot:

Nov 6 - Dec 13

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 1 - 5 PM - Free Admission

and Mandatory Masks Make a reservation here Location: Sanchez Art Center 1220- B Linda Mar Boulevard Pacifica, CA 94044 650-355-1894

your jan michaels jewelry requests

I’ve heard from many of you who continue to love wearing your Jan Michaels jewelry.

Some of you have asked for a new stone or metal part or an antique overlay or even a half an earring! Know that I'm working on your requests and will do my best to make sure your Jan Michaels jewelry stays at the tip top of your “go-to” favorites.

Everyone please continue to stay in touch! I hope you stay in the best of health in all ways this Fall and Winter.

Love Jan


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Hi Jan,

So glad you are adjusting to your new chapter so well. Looking forward to attending the latest show ands saying hello.

Best to you, Lorrie

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