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let's play catch up: summer 2021 & new 50/50 show

Updated: Nov 10, 2022


If you’ve been waiting for new updates and not seeing them in your Inbox – Forgive me. But that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about all of you! So much has been filling my days like projects in my garden, recuperating from knee replacement surgery and channeling lots of energy into my art. Of course, Pandemic issues seem here to stay and not an end date in sight…How many of you are feeling fatigued from the current situation?

My Garden was wild this year as I was trying to conserve water, which probably made it visually a little more crazy than usual. I moved plants around, created a new rock garden and my veggie area is now an experimental soup of whatever can thrive in this brutal, salty coastal climate. Here are a few pics.

my new expanded studio!

Last year, I moved from my store at Eureka Square into my shared studio #3 space at Sanchez Art Center. Earlier this year my roommate moved out and I expanded into the entire room and it’s now an even more uplifting creative space! It has inspired me to teach some classes, the first one to be a Chakra Pendant class on Saturday, Oct. 2 at 11 AM. More details to come, but let me know if you are interested! The studio is well ventilated and I have lots of table space allowing for some distance between students.


JOIN ME IN experiencING THE 50/50 show where 50 artists create 50 artworks in 50 days

Joining the Sanchez Artists community opened up a completely new world for me. I admit I felt somewhat lost and knew little about applying to art shows or the jury process. Also, my fellow artists at the Sanchez Center were sheltering at home due to Covid, so there was no real chance to meet them, much less getting to know them.

But I was also busy shuffling beads and components and organizing my new space. I couldn’t wait to produce art, utilizing my 40 years of design experience, jewelry skills and collections like antique enamels I’ve been holding onto for years and special pieces from research trips to India, Thailand, Europe. Also the last of unusual samples and super intricate French filigrees.

That said, I’m thrilled to announce my latest creative project that has kept me obsessed for the past many months: The 50/50 Show where over 50 artists create 50 artworks in 50 days! All artists create an installment using 50 6-inch square panels. I’m really happy to have been selected for this show and it has been a real challenge to keep up the pace to make so many little pieces of art.


My 50/50 concept is Prayer Boxes for the Earth. This idea was sparked by the Tibetan Gau, a portable shrine used as an amulet to protect against danger and evil. At a time when our collective consciousness has grown to understand human caused climate change, my hope is that my Prayer Boxes will draw attention to healing our damaged planet and help us to think deeper about how to counteract the problems happening to Mother Earth.

Each of my plaques is a mandala composed of brass motifs along with rich gemstones, uniquely arranged in symmetrical geometric patterns expressing qualities of harmony, renewal and compassion. At the center of each piece is a riveted embellished brass box, which contains a written meditation or poem! I hand painted each plaque giving it the final magic touch! These prayer boxes are about hope and if we use the guiding principle of mandalas to focus our energy - A brighter future is possible. Let’s work together to restore balance back to Mother Earth.


The 50/50 Show will kick-off with a fundraising event on Sept. 10 and 11 at the Sanchez Art Center. The proceeds from this event will assist the nonprofit Sanchez Art Center to maintain the space and pay for operating expenses. The money also helps to promote the myriad of events that Sanchez Art Center orchestrates, which align with their creating community through art philosophy. For those two days, you'll be able to view all of the artists’ 50 squares as a complete group. This is a great opportunity to experience the full impact and intent of each installation. You can purchase a piece of art at the fundraiser, though it will be mailed or you may pick it up once the fundraiser event concludes. Purchase tickets to the fundraiser here via Eventbrite.

From Sept. 12 and onwards, entry to the 50/50 Show is free. Any purchased art square will be removed from an installation and you can immediately take home any artwork that you purchase. Please note that to keep the event safe and allow for social distancing, there will be limits to the number of people in the galleries at any one time.

50/50 Show

Show Opening Fundraiser Sanchez Art Center Fri Sept. 10 & Sat. Sept. 11 Multiple time slots available

Friday has already sold out and no tickets will be sold at the door $35 per ticket: Get your ticket here

Sept. 12 and onwards

Free Admission and no appointment required but expect short wait. Masks are required.

Gallery is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday

1 - 5 PM. On Sept. 12 there will be extended hours until 7 PM.

Location Sanchez Art Center 1220- B Linda Mar Boulevard Pacifica, CA 94044 650-355-1894


You can also purchase a Prayer Box before the show starts! Please let me know which one you are interested in. The cost is $150 each + 9.25% tax for in-state buyers. You'll need to send a check written out to Sanchez Art Center for a total of $164.25 if you live in California.

You can also pay with credit card via Paypal through to Sept. 8 by emailing me with your name, address and card details to Check with me first to make sure the Prayer Box you're interested in is still available. You can also call me at 415-902-0991.

Hope to see you there!


All 50 Prayer Boxes - Click image to expand

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I'm looking forward to Saturday Oct. 2nd, Jan :)

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